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Thank you!

Congratulations! You've successfully escaped from the nasty Cromwell and his mill with your beloved buddies. You're quite a clever bunch, aren't you! 

Loom is Ukiyo's THIRD release in our series Ukiyo at Home and we can not thank you all enough for supporting us throughout these adventures. The community support has been phenomenal. 


Ukiyo is a local Melbourne studio and Ukiyo at Home has been our answer to lockdown and the uncertainty of these current times, creating worlds and building platforms for fellow artists (our favourite pastime). 

We've kept the experience at a low price to be accessible to everyone in lockdown, especially those who may not be in the best sorts due to restrictions and shutdowns.

If you think this was worth more than $5 we'd love your support. We poured everything we had into this and sincerely hope we made you smile and shake in fear. 

If you would like to support us in other ways, we will be mailing out a feedback form soon so keep your eye out for us in your emails! Please also share us around, word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow our community online and in real life. 

We'd like to say a special thanks to Waskam Emelda Davis, the Chairwoman of the Australian South Sea Islander Port Jackson Association.

Emelda helped us with a cultural and historical pass for our character Sam, a ni-Vanutau character who was blackbirded and stolen from his home island, a common way colonisers forced non-white people into indentured labour during the 19th century to create workforces in the sugar, maritime, pastoral, cotton and railways industries.

Australian South Sea Islanders – Port Jackson (ASSIPJ) operate on the lands of the Gadigal People who are one of twenty-nine clans of the Eora Nation in Sydney New South Wales, Australia.


The ASSIPJ's aim is to be included more prominently as part of the great Australian narrative, ensuring that Social Justice needs for the Australian South Sea Islander community are met and ensuring full and fair participation for communities at large and Australian South Sea Islander’s on a state, national and global scale through sharing of knowledge and resources as a means of capacity building and cultural significance to sustain, educate and support generations to come.

Support Emelda by checking our her website here:





She's also holing a Sugar Fest, a celebration of 

Oceanic Culture, History & Music which you can 

find more about on her website. 


Did you know we have on-site escape rooms?

They involve the same immersive story-telling but inside a room designed to the teeth with the help of set designers, artists and others alike. 

So, if you've been enjoying our Ukiyo at Home series, come check out our rooms here!


We've been rated #1 thing to do on Tripadvisor, you can check out the reviews here.

Love from the Ukiyo team!

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