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You've made it to the end of the first instalment of Stawk Pine Falls! You've done such a bang up job, everyone at Ukiyo is so proud of all you incredibly intellectual players. 

We're a local Melbourne studio adapting to the changing environments of COVID-19, doing what we can to create platforms for fellow artists.

We kept the experience at $5 to make it accessible to everyone in lockdown, especially those who may be struggling financially.


If you'd like to support the artists involved and felt the experience was more than what was charged, we've added a donate button as prompted by some users in our reddit community.

Another huge way to support us is sharing our next Ukiyo at Home episode with your friends, we would appreciate that just as equally! You can check out our next event here:

Bird Cage


Wednesday night's live music performance at the Midnight Widow was by local Melbourne band Telenova. Telenova is front-woman Angeline Armstrong, and producer/multi-instrumentalists Edward Quinn (Slum Sociable) & Joshua Moriarty (Miami Horror) creating a symphonic fusion of classy indie rock with a splash of modern disco. They haven't yet launched to the public but you can stay updated by following them on social media:


As we continue with the Ukiyo at Home series, we'll be collaborating with other performers, artists and designers. If you're interested in collaborating, please contact us at 

For our next instalment, we'll be collaborating with local Melbourne designer, Anthony Tan. His game 'Way To The Woods' turned heads at E3 in Los Angeles last year and is still in development for Xbox.

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