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What Previous Guests Have Said About Ukiyo

"One escape room to rule them all."

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The Best Escape Room in Melbourne is much more an epic adventure

The Urban List Melbourne:


"Meet The Next Evolution Of Escape Rooms...

It's finally here Melbourne. One escape room to rule them all...

Think of this more like a real-life video game than an escape room...

An interactive story-driven studio that uses cutting-edge tech (and beautiful set design) to create enclosed, mystical worlds...

Melbourne's magical new escape room."


Ranked #2 on Fun Things to Do in Melbourne


"THIS IS ON A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL ... The set design was phenomenal, and everything about it was just so amazing."
- Pete

"If you like puzzles, you have to do it. If you're into Miyazaki, you HAVE to do it.If you're not sure if its for you or its 'just not your thing', go and be pleasantly surprised and DO IT... A total engineering masterpiece."

- Katie

"The Crumbling Prince exceeded already high expectations. It all takes place in an incredibly beautiful and tactile set. It is full of clever puzzles, character interaction and a great sense of achievement....and the ending.. WOW!"
- Sarah


"This beautiful escape/puzzle room is next to impossible to describe directly without giving anything away. It is a work of art. It’s unlike any other puzzle room out there. You become completely immersed in an enchanting world and all you want to do is go to the next room. 
LOVED IT SO MUCH. ❤️❤️ Cannot wait for the next chapter."

- Ensieh

"The scenery was mind blowing, you could tell a lot of work had been put into this."

- Joseph

Google Reviews:


"An excellent experience, best in Melbourne, escape rooms are going to need to step up their game."
- Sam


"I commend Ukiyo for their dedication to and precision with their craft. Their attention to detail deserves praise and the imagination with which they create these rooms seems limitless. I'm looking forward to playing it again -- with a different mask this time."
- Maggie

"Crazyyyyy stuff. The owner wasn't joking when he said its not a typical escape room - it is so much better. So immersive and really makes you feel like you are in the world they created! Can't wait for the next many episodes to come out - absolutely hanging on whats next in the stortline. Deep space was crazy good already (another escape room the same team created) but this just took it to a WHOLE new level!"

- Humberto

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