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Prologue is an online, team-based puzzle game. Unique and experimental, it weaves a delicate narrative  through the various legends and mythologies of the world. It will also provide an introduction to our soon to come, immersive adventure - Kuebiko: The Crumbling Prince as well as some behind-the-scenes. 


Do you fancy yourself a puzzle master? Get ready for some intricate puzzles and A-grade code-breaking. With scaling complexity and a variety of tools you will learn to master, 'Prologue' will enlighten you to a mind of lateral thinking and a deeper knowledge of the ancient world.






Does Your Team Have What It Takes?

Get your squad organised! Find your friends and family and challenge yourself. Minds that work in different ways are ideal.

Playing as a team doesn't mean you have to be in the same vicinity. You can play by yourself, make some progress and update your friends on the code-breaking. Pool your wisdom and intelligence together.
'Prologue' has a lot of game-time and will probably take at least a few weeks to complete. Due to the style of the game, you can be playing and thinking wherever you are. On the train... At work... Even overseas!!



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